Saskatchewan Opposes Trudeau Gun Seizures, StarPhoenix Reports — Saskatchewan opposes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans for mass gun bans against hunters, farmers and sport shooters, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix reported today, citing Minister of Justice Don Morgan.

Saskatoon StarPhoenix Quote

Don Morgan said the government is “not taking anything off the table” when it comes to opposing the federal government’s gun control plans, but emphasized that he would rather collaborate with Ottawa on an issue important to many in the province.

“We don’t want this to go ahead in this form,” Morgan said, adding that meaningful engagement with the provinces would send a “great signal” about the federal government’s willingness to listen after being reduced to a minority in October.

“We’re going to try and adopt a positive approach with them. We’ll put forward the ideas, we’ll want to meet with them at federal-provincial-territorial meetings, which are coming up this month. I intend to raise those issues there,” he added.

Source: Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 13 Jan. 2020

Confiscate or Incarcerate

Trudeau and his governing Liberal Party are preparing one of the biggest confiscations against honest men and women of any democracy in history.

His plans threaten them with jail unless they surrender 250,000 of their hunting and sporting rifles (mainly “Non-restricted” models), and potentially all of their handguns.

Failure, Opposition

The complexity and cost of the measures, combined with the growing opposition to them, suggest Trudeau will fail.

Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan have all rejected his desired confiscations and prohibitions targeting the country’s 2.2 million federally licensed firearm users.

Police leaders across Canada also oppose his goal of criminalizing safe and responsible citizens.

Motz: Morgan Is Right

Glen Motz, a federal member of parliament from Alberta with the opposition Conservative Party, said on Twitter he agrees with Morgan, whose Twitter username is @SaskMLA.

“.@SaskMLA is right – Libs firearms plan will do nothing to stop crime,” Motz tweeted. “Need to get tougher on criminals+gangs, improve #bordersecurity, youth at-risk prgms+ addiction & mental health. 81k other Cdns have already signed the petition

Motz sponsored the petition against Trudeau’s confiscation order. It’s open for another month and is already the third most-signed e-petition in the history of the House of Commons.

Appoint Own CFO

Saskatchewan is looking to name its own provincial Chief Firearms Officer instead of having a federal appointee, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix said.

Saskatchewan has the most firearm-licence holders as a percentage of the population of any province in Canada.