Gun Licence Fees to Rise 2.2% in March 2020, RCMP Says — The price of a gun licence for the 2.2 million Canadian men and women with police permission to have firearms will rise by 2.2% next March to reflect inflation, the federal agency in charge of licensing said today.

PAL: $61.32. A firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) limited to so-called “Non-restricted” rifles and shotguns will climb to $61.32 from $60, the Ottawa-based RCMP Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) said on its website.

RPAL: $81.76. A permit for “Non-restricted” models as well as “Restricted” handguns and AR-15 target rifles will increase to $81.76 from $80. Fees are also going up for businesses.

March 31, 2020

“These changes take effect on March 31, 2020,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on a web page dated tomorrow, Aug. 30. “All Canadian government departments and agencies that charge fees for services are governed by the Service Fees Act. This includes the CFP.”

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage, and farmers, ranchers and others count on their firearms for protection against predators and pests. More adults have a gun-ownership permit than play golf or hockey.

50,000 Jobs, $8.5 Billion

Their investments in hunting and shooting contributed to almost 50,000 jobs and $8.5 billion to the national economy in 2018, the Edmonton Journal reported last week, citing the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association.

All lawful gun buyers, sellers and users are restricted under criminal law and tracked by the federal police. Obtaining a licence requires police permission after passing safety courses, background and reference checks, and spousal approval. Keeping a permit means undergoing a daily police screening.

PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

Liberal Gun Bans

Canada has about 1.6 million adults with a licence to have “Non-restricted” firearms, 0.6 million with a “Restricted” permit and 50,000 with a “Prohibited” licence. Millions more family and friends of all ages also hunt and shoot safely and responsibly under the control of permit holders.

Canadian Gun Licences and Handgun Owners Rise to New Records

Even with the appropriate class of permit, a law passed in June, Bill C-71, threatens every buyer and seller with prison unless they get explicit federal-police authorization for their transactions.

The governing Liberal Party is planning the biggest round of gun bans in Canadian history among measures against licence holders if they win the October election. Projections by, an opinion-poll aggregator, suggest they will be re-elected.

Guns, Ammo

The licence fee amounts to a tax that must be paid to apply for a first-time permit and for each renewal request. Late payment or renewal can land gun owners in prison.

Everyone is banned from buying, selling or having any gun without police approval. Even with a permit, many of the world’s most-popular and iconic firearms are off limits to Canadians.

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