Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Comments on Bill C-71, Gun Bans — The Conservative Party of Canada opposes the governing Liberal Party’s plans to ban guns from hunters, farmers and sport shooters, and will “scrap and reverse” Bill C-71 if the Conservatives win this year’s election, Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel said in a video this week.

The Liberals are preparing to pass Bill C-71 into law any day to confiscate rifles from more than 10,000 owners after they die, and to simplify future gun prohibitions and seizures. The Liberals have been exploring mass gun confiscation from federally licensed firearm owners since August.

Following are excerpts of Rempel’s comments in a video posted on the Conservative MP’s YouTube channel on May 14.

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MP Tony Clement

“… I did watch the exchange and I was concerned about the fact that Bill Blair didn’t shut it down, that he didn’t say, “Hey, no we’re not planning on doing that whatsoever, no credibility to this whatsoever, no, no, no, we’re not doing that.” That is not what he said. So you know, I am a little concerned about that. More than a little concerned …”

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Bill C-71

“My party, myself, colleagues — we’ve been working the entirety of this Parliament to shut down bills like Bill C-71, which does nothing — nothing — to prevent firearms-related violence in Canada, but does everything to really punish people in Canada who own firearms legally.”

“Our party leader, Andrew Scheer, has said that he would scrap and reverse Bill C-71 should he come into power in the fall, and he also said that he would reverse a handgun ban…”


Taking Action to Stop Gun Bans

“I think it’s important for all of you to call this week if you care about this issue, Liberal members of parliament, because it’ll be their caucus, especially their rural caucus, who care about ensuring that there isn’t a firearm seizure in Canada. That’s the best thing that you can do this week.”


Conservative Party Opposition to Gun Bans

“To be very clear, the Conservative Party of Canada, we don’t support any sort of action — I mean seizing legally obtained firearms, of course we don’t support that, of course we have to fight that …

“The Liberals can’t use preventing firearms violence as a fig leaf for that type of atrocious behaviour …”


Taking Action

“The best thing that you can do, as I said, is call a Liberal member of parliament. Tell them how you feel about this issue in a respectful way, because that helps us as opposition fight Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons.”

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