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Most Canadians, Especially Liberal Voters, Want to Criminalize All Gun Owners, Leger Poll Shows

TheGunBlog.ca — A majority of Canadians favour criminalizing all gun owners, with Liberal Party supporters showing the highest hostility among the three largest political parties, according to an opinion poll published this week by Leger.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 15

Updated daily throughout the week.

Highlights This Week
– Download Latest RCMP Gun-Ban List Updated June 15
– Marstar Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to PolySeSouvient
– Conservative Leadership Debate: Impressions
– CCFR Raises Over $150,000 for Lawsuit Against Gun Bans
– Saskatchewan to Block Trudeau Handgun Confiscations in Law
– Alberta Passes Government Motion 20 to Defend Gun Rights
– Canada’s Gun Laws Haven’t Cut Homicide or Suicide, New Study Shows
– Federal Court Reviews CCFR Lawsuit to Stop Gun Confiscations
– RCMP Use of Force Shows Police Almost Never Unholster, Point or Fire

Liberal Voters Want Gun Owners Gone From Cities, Ekos Poll Shows

TheGunBlog.ca — Almost all Liberal Party of Canada supporters want gun owners evicted from cities, according to a new poll by Ekos Research Associates, confirming the party as the most-hostile political force against millions of men and women. About 86% of Liberals surveyed agreed with the statement: “I think that there should be a strict…


About 90% of Liberals Support Gun Ban in Cities, Ekos Chief Says

TheGunBlog.ca — Almost all Liberal Party of Canada voters are hostile to hunters and sport shooters in cities and support a “total ban” on their guns, Frank Graves, president of Ekos Research Associates, said in a Twitter post he deleted following this article. Graves’s “guess” about the poll result late on Nov. 17 suggests a…