Canada Defers Gun-Import Restrictions to Avoid Hurting Industry

9 Nov 2018 — The Canadian government postponed gun-import restrictions that threaten to cripple the shooting industry so it can clarify the so-called Firearms Marking Regulations and avoid “undue constraints” on gun owners and companies. The regulations were delayed for two years until Dec. 1, 2020, from Dec. 1 this year, the Ministry of Public Safety said…

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Gun Imports Rise to 12-Month High in May, Rebounding From Slump

9 Jul 2018 — Canadian gun imports rose to a 12-month high in May from a five-year low in January, as the firearm industry grapples with early shipments, uneven demand and the threat of new legal restrictions.

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February Gun Imports Decline to Lowest in Six Years

5 Apr 2018 — Canadian gun imports, an indirect measure of the strength of the firearm industry, fell to the lowest February in six years, with rifles, shotguns and handguns all down. It was only the second time in the past six months that shipments exceeded $10 million, as companies prepare for another year of turbulence.

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Gun Imports 2017: Overview of the Firearm Industry in Charts

29 Mar 2018 — Canada imports almost all the guns and ammunition sold in the country, making import data a key indicator of the industry. Companies keep their accounts private, so the figures published by Statistics Canada are one of the only windows into the market.

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Gun Imports Jumped in Jan-Nov 2017 After Two Years of Decline

19 Jan 2018 — Canadian gun imports jumped last year through November after two years of decline. The data were released this month and are the last economic indicators before next week’s annual SHOT Show, where many companies place their biggest purchase orders of the year.

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Gun Imports Rise in Choppy Year to 2nd-Highest Level on Record

3 Nov 2017 — Canadian gun imports jumped in the first nine months of the year to the second-highest level on record, in a turbulent period that saw shipments surge before a planned legal change, and then plunge. The gains were driven by shotguns from Italy, rifles from Finland and handguns from Austria.

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Glock Imports From Austria Surge as AmChar Enters Canada

2 Jun 2017

AmChar Wholesale Inc. is entering Canada’s gun industry with a bang: the U.S. firearm distributor set a 16-year record for imports of Glock pistols from Austria as it prepares to supply police, recreational shooters and competitors.

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Gun Imports Jump as Industry Aims to Avoid Crisis From New Rules

7 May 2017

Canada’s gun imports surged in the first quarter as companies stocked up to shield themselves from government import rules that take effect June 1 and threaten to hurl the industry into a crisis. The government said it’s planning an update soon.

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