Glen Motz

Glen Motz Comments After Petition to Stop Bans Takes First Place — Following are comments by Glen Motz, the Canadian member of parliament who sponsored Petition e-2341, after it surged to become the most-signed e-petition in House of Commons history. More than 136,000 people have signed to stop the governing Liberal Party from using an executive order for mass confiscations against honest men and women….

Glen Motz Q&A on New Petition: ‘An Order in Council Is Wrong’ — Glen Motz, a member of parliament for Canada’s opposition Conservative Party, comments on a soaring new petition he sponsored to stop government plans to order mass rifle confiscations. Highlights “An order in council is wrong.” It “circumvents the whole democratic process.” “Why don’t they do an order in council on the gang violence?”…

‘Huge Rush’ on Bill C-71 Could Make It Law by Fall, MP Motz Says — The Canadian government has put a “huge rush” on Bill C-71 to ban more guns and further restrict hunters and sport shooters, said Glen Motz, an opposition MP and Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety. He said the proposed law could be adopted as early as the fall.