Shooters’ Groups Target MPs, Senators on Bill C-71: Hill Times

16 Jul 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s largest shooters’ rights groups and the Conservative Party are continuing to urge voters and parliamentarians to oppose Bill C-71, the Hill Times reported today, citing the organizations.

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New Gun Law: CSAAA Chief Wes Winkel Comments, RCMP Responds

20 Mar 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Following is a Q&A about Canada’s planned new gun law with Wes Winkel, president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, the country’s main industry group. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responds to three questions about the firearm-classification system.

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RCMP Attack on Ruger 10/22 Owners Unites Gun-Rights Groups

24 Jul 2016

The RCMP’s attack on owners of the popular Ruger 10/22 small-calibre rifle is prompting Canadian gun-rights groups to unite in opposition. The RCMP plans to reclassify 10/22 magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of the .22 LR cartridge as “prohibited devices,” Calibre Magazine said July 18, potentially leading to criminal charges for anyone who owns, transports or sells them.…

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