Bill C-71


RCMP Comments on New Bill C-71 ‘Non-Restricted’ Gun Transfer Processing, Penalties — The RCMP responds below to our questions on transferring so-called “Non-Restricted” rifles and shotguns since May 18, when new criminalizations from Bill C-71 (2019) targeting government-licensed gun owners took effect.

Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Urges Mendicino to Abandon Bill C-71’s New Prohibitions — Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer urged the federal government to delay or abandon its Bill C-71 prohibitions against government-licensed gun users set to start tomorrow, citing “intense concerns.” Details “In view of the magnitude of these changes, I call on you to immediately announce a moratorium on their introduction for at least one year to…

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 24

– Paul Rogan, Founding Editor of Canadian Access To Firearms, Has Died
– Trudeau Reiterates Aim of Further Suppressing Government-Licensed Gun Owners
– Government Appeals Court Order in Effort to Hide RCMP’s ‘Nullification’ Algorithm (See the 2 PDFs)
– Kawartha Lakes (Ontario) City Council Covers Firearm-Discharge Bylaw
– Government Now Says It Expects New Bill C-71 Restrictions in 2022 From 2021
– Anti-Gun Groups Urge Government to Criminalize Handgun Owners
– CSAAA: January 2022 Newsletter

Trudeau Tells Mendicino in Mandate Letter to Further Suppress Gun Owners — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top priority for Minister Marco Mendicino in his so-called “mandate letter” published today is to further suppress government-licensed gun owners and destroy more of our gear. Highlights Continue restrictions of Bill C-71 Pursue mass criminalizations and confiscations ordered on 01 May 2020 Destroy “long-gun” ammo mags capable of holding…


Government Q&A on Bill C-71 Delays, IBM Gun-Confiscation Contract Extension, And More — Canada’s Department of Public Safety responded today to our questions on five topics:
1. Bill C-71 New Measures Coming Into Force
2. RCMP Commissioner of Firearms Report 2020
3. IBM Contract on Compensating Gun Owners Targeted By OIC
4. $8.8 Million in New Confiscation Expenses
5. Election 2021 Commitments on New Restrictions

Magali Deussing, a spokesperson for the department in Ottawa, responded today by e-mail to our questions.

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Factoids on Gun Users and Businesses From This Week’s Canada Gazette on Bill C-71 — Following are factoids and tidbits on Canadian gun users and businesses from today’s Canada Gazette notice (dated June 26) on the imminent restrictions from Bill C-71, the government’s newest law to suppress hunting and shooters.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 12

– Gun Licences Fell in 2020 for First Time in a Decade on Covid-19
– RCMP Provides 2020 Data on Gun Licences and Registrations
– RCMP Says 132 Gun Owners Now Seeking Section 74 Hearings on ‘Nullifications’
– Blair’s Office Says ‘Significant Elements’ of Bill C-71 to Take Effect This Summer
– Blair’s Office Says No Plans for Home-Alarm System for Gun Owners, Denying CSSA Report

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 05

– Canada Gun Imports Rose in February to Six-Month High
– Bill C-71: ‘Significant Elements’ to Take Effect This Summer, Blair’s Office Says
– Trudeau Says O’Toole ‘Promised to Make Assault Weapons Legal Again’
– Bill Blair: ‘Everybody in the Extremist Is in the Gun Lobby’
– M.D. Charlton Wins $1 Million Contract to Supply RCMP AR-15 Surefire Lights