Buy Your Guns Before Bill C-71 New Criminalizations Start Next Week, CSAAA Says — The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, the country’s main firearm-industry group, urged federally licensed gun users to buy any rifles and shotguns before Bill C-71’s new criminalizations start next week.


“CSAAA is strongly recommending that consumers interested in purchasing a non-restricted firearm do so before May 18th, 2022,” the association said today on Twitter.

“Retailers are expected to see a high volume of sales in the coming week, please be patient as they are doing their best to accommodate everyone,” CSAAA said in a follow-up tweet.

Why It Matters

As was first to report last week, the new prohibitions of Bill C-71 (2019) take effect on May 18:

  • It will be a crime for you to buy, sell or give away any so-called “Non-Restricted” rifle or shotgun without first requesting and getting explicit permission for the transfer from the Registrar of Firearms at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program.
  • It will be a crime for gun stores to sell you any “Non-Restricted” rifle or shotgun unless they: (1) record your personal details, (2) record the details of your new gun, and (3) save the data for police for at least 20 years, in a serious privacy violation. (“Registry”)
  • The new criminalizations target only government-licensed firearm users and businesses, including licensed parents who want to give firearms to their licensed children, and licensed spouses who want to give firearms to each other.
  • The measures target any transfer of any “Non-Restricted” firearm, new or used.
  • Update May 13: Some gun shows are being canceled over the impossibility of complying with the new measures. (In case you were unsure about the Liberals are killing gun culture.)

More Info

More Context

  • CSAAA urged gun users to get their shopping done after Marco Mendicino, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minister in charge of suppressing government-licensed firearm users, outlined the new prohibitions at a media briefing today. The crackdowns stem from Bill C-71.
  • Trudeau’s governing Liberal Party passed Bill C-71 into law in 2019 as he works to weaken citizens, cripple the firearm industry and eliminate personal gun ownership. He’s preparing new prohibitions and confiscations.
  • The government’s made-up label of “Non-Restricted” firearm is misleading. All guns and all gun owners are severely restricted by criminal law.
  • Canada is home to 2.2 million men and women with a federal firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). About 6,000 people buy and sell firearms every day (3,000 buyers and 3,000 sellers).

Ray of Light

  • The new prohibitions on personal transfers are (almost) impossible to enforce.
  • Stay smart.
  • Stay free.