Glock Canada’s James Cassells Discusses Handgun Market and Glock’s Future in Canada (Video) — Watch our video with James Cassells, Glock’s Canadian sales manager, discussing the handgun market and the company’s future in Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau works to kill the handgun market for government-licensed firearm users.

Glock is the No. 1 handgun brand in Canada.


Canada Handgun Imports Jump to Record in June After Trudeau Says He’ll Kill Legal Market — Canadian handgun imports jumped to a record in June, as gun users raced to stock up before Trudeau kills the legal market for pistols and revolvers. The Trudeau administration said today it will criminalize government-licensed importers starting in two weeks

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 March 07

– Interview: Allan Harding, Canadian National Pistol Champion (Video)
– CSSA: Jean Charest Is No Friend to Canada’s Firearm Owners
– Mendicino Is Doing a Canada-Wide Anti-Gun Tour
– Canada Gun Imports Almost Double in January 2022 Vs. 2021
– Rodger Kotanko Family Challenges SIU Report Clearing Policeman Who Killed Gunsmith
– Statistics Canada Briefs SECU on Criminals Who Use Guns and Ammo
– NSSF: Canada’S Heavy-Handed Trucker Response Foreshadows Gun Confiscations

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 03

– Court Orders ‘All Info’ on RCMP Algorithm for Attacking Gun Owners
– Canadian Gun Imports Rose 29% in January to November 2021, on Course for First Annual Gain in Four Years
– FSESO: Ontario Cancels All CFSC and CRFSC Courses on Covid-19 Concern
– CCFR: National Range Day — You In?