Conservative MP Dancho Says She’s ‘Undeterred’ By Liberal-Fueled Hate and Threats — Conservative Party Member of Parliament Raquel Dancho, the group’s lead on gun policy, said she’s undeterred by the hate and threats she’s received as the governing Liberal Party works to suppress government-licensed firearm users.

Dancho made the following comments today in the House of Commons as part of a longer speech in response to a Liberal motion to expand the scope of Bill C-21, limit scrutiny by parliament, and rush it into law.

  • She referred to the motion as a ”circumvention of the democratic process.”

(Watch Dancho’s whole speech. It’s dynamite.)

Dancho Comments

Source: House of Commons, Timestamp: 13:12:47

I can tell you that I have certainly received very threatening abuse for my position, and for our position that we’ve taken. I am the lead on this file. I have taken many hits, many threats, concerns for my safety, in this debate.

So I was very offended when I heard them trying to blame Conservatives — and I am the lead in this regard, so me — when I have not been saved, or kept from, any of that abuse myself.

I am undeterred, I will continue on, I will not be bullied into silence on this.

But just to be clear, the rhetoric from the Liberals is trumping up a lot of hate towards myself and others on this side of the House as well.

I don’t like talking about it, we don’t want copycats, we don’t want any heroes from these evil, sadistic people.

But when I heard something like that, I said, “You know, I have to say something.”

I have kept quiet, but I will not stand idly by while the Minister of Public Safety blames me for the abuse he’s gotten for his underhanded policies, when I, too, have suffered abuse because of his rhetoric.

So I just wanted to put that on the record, Madame Speaker.

I hope to speak to the minister personally about that.

Source: Raquel Dancho, House of Commons, 08 May 2023