Canada Handgun Transfers Total 160,815 From May 30 to September 30, RCMP Says

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s government-licensed handgun users went on a record shopping blitz after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in May that he’s killing the legal market for pistols and revolvers.

160,815 Transfer Applications

Licence holders applied to transfer the ownership of 160,815 handguns from May 30 to September 30, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told TheGunBlog.ca today.


  • Robin Percival, a spokesperson for the Ottawa-based controller of licensed gun owners, e-mailed the info to TheGunBlog.ca today in response to our request for the information.

Transfers By the Numbers

  • Transfer Applications May 30 – Sep 30: 160,815
  • Peak Day: June 02, with 7,277 requests
  • Daily Average
    • Before May 30: 307
    • After May 30: 1,297
  • Transfers to People Getting Their First Handgun: 52,576 (33% of Total)
  • Handguns Registered to Individuals at September 30: 1,138,009
  • Note: If a handgun was transferred multiple times, it is counted multiple times.


  • Trudeau said he officially finished killing the market on October 21.
  • Thousands of transfer requests submitted before that date are still being processed.
  • Trudeau also ordered all handguns to be confiscated from their owners after we die.
  • In parallel with the prohibitions and confiscations Trudeau ordered by decree, he’s also working to make them law through Bill C-21.