Five Points Gun Owners Get Wrong About the Liberal+RCMP Attacks

TheGunBlog.ca — Many Canadian gun owners are confused about the federal government’s and federal police’s political and regulatory attacks begun in May 2020 against responsible and trustworthy firearm users.

If you’ve ever mistakenly referred to them as an “amnesty,” “buyback,” or “grandfathering” (as we have) or fallen for the public-safety hoax, the following might help you.

Here is some background, and five points people get wrong or simply don’t know about.

Context: How They Criminalized You

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program turned honest men and women into outlaws.
  • In the middle of the day on 01 May 2020, they placed hundreds of thousands of gun owners and gun shops in unlawful possession of suddenly blacklisted rifles and shotguns.
  • They acted without consultation, without warning, and without the knowledge or support of parliament. They specifically targeted licensed individuals and businesses deemed responsible and trustworthy.

If They Targeted You

  • You now risk criminal charges and jail if you buy, sell, use or transport any of the blacklisted goods.
  • You also risk jail unless you surrender your gear to police for destruction by 30 April 2022.

Five Points

1. They’re Attacking You, Not Only Your Goods

Some people downplay the Liberal+RCMP attacks as a “gun ban.”

It’s much bigger, more malicious, and more hostile than that.

It’s also much more personal. Their target is you.

  • The prime minister and his accomplices are attacking you, your character and your culture.
  • They are demonizing you and other honest Canadians as threats to public safety. Designating you as a threat is a propaganda tactic to justify their attacks.
  • Remember how Trudeau misled the public about why you bought your gear: “These weapons were designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.”

2. Their ‘Amnesty’ Doesn’t Protect You

The criminalization Order in Council that triggered the mass confiscations came with an amnesty that is so temporary, partial and limited that it’s hardly an amnesty at all.

  • You can avoid criminal charges and jail until the confiscation deadline on one condition: You keep the firearms locked up at home, and surrender them to police before the deadline.
  • You still risk charges, confiscation and jail if you buy, sell, use or transport your equipment.
  • You still risk charges and jail unless police seize your gear by the deadline.

3. There Isn’t Any ‘Buyback’

The abusers said they intend to offer payment for any of your guns they seize. They misleadingly label this as “buyback.” It sounds nicer than “stealing,” “extortion,” or “forced destruction.”

  • Compensating victims isn’t “buyback.”
  • The government can buy your guns if you sell them, but they can’t “buy back” something that was never theirs.
  • The idea of compensating the victims of confiscation is a theoretical possibility, not a reality.
    • Nothing in the criminalization Order in Council mentions any victim compensation.
    • Trudeau needs to pass new laws if he intends to offer compensation.

4. There Isn’t Any ‘Grandfathering’

The oppressors said they may allow you to keep the blacklisted items at home locked in your gun safe until you die, and they’d then move in to seize and destroy.

Some people wrongly refer to this as “grandfathering.” The government does better. In Bill C-21, they call it “non-permissive storage.”

  • In law, a “grandfather clause” exempts you from new restrictions. “Grandfathering” would mean you get to buy, sell and use the affected goods after 01 May 2020 the same as you could before that date.
  • Trudeau’s crackdown order doesn’t have a grandfather clause. It instantly criminalizes you if you do anything with the items.
  • If the persecutors do allow lockup-until-death one day, it won’t be grandfathering.

5. Their Crackdown Hurts Safety and Security

Trudeau and his allies are playing a big game of opposites. They pretend their crackdown against safe and responsible adults promotes safety, while the attacks actively undermine safety.

  • Politicians who order unwilling police to forcibly seize valuable goods from honest citizens are bad for safety and security … and stability.
  • Politicians who attack the people best equipped to protect our families and communities in an emergency or war weaken safety and security … and sovereignty.
  • Politicians who violate fundamental principles of ethics, governance, justice, and the rule of law are a threat to safety and security … and society.


We are committed to helping you and other responsible gun owners enjoy your firearms for as long as you want.

We hope these five points help you see what the Liberal+RCMP attacks are, and what they aren’t.