RCMP Says Government Still Working on May 2020 Mass Gun Confiscations

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s RCMP, which is helping the government to suppress licensed gun owners, said today the government is still designing the mass firearm confiscations begun in May 2020 and how to pay the victims of the seizures.

Why It Matters

  • It’s a mini victory for the shooting community and the newest sign the original confiscation plan will fail.
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been planning the attacks for almost three years, has barely 4 months before his 30 April 2022 deadline, and still doesn’t know how to proceed.
  • He doesn’t have enough time to finish the plans, inform the owners, and execute the confiscations by the deadline.
  • The crackdown faces massive obstacles, obstruction, and opposition, including from inside the RCMP.
  • Trudeau will be forced to abandon or change his pet project, and may begin by extending the deadline.


The Ottawa-based Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program, which is helping Trudeau execute his politically motivated attacks, added the following section today to its webpage on the crackdown:

Government officials are currently in the process of refining requirements and developing program design and implementation options for a buyback program. Further information on the design of the buyback program will be communicated to Canadians in due course. Until the buyback program is implemented, anyone who possesses a newly prohibited firearm must ensure it is securely stored in accordance with the storage requirements for that classification of firearm before it was prohibited. These firearms cannot be legally used, sold or imported, and can only be transported or transferred within Canada under certain conditions as provided under the amnesty, such as deactivating the firearm or returning the firearm to the residence of the lawful owner.

Source: RCMP Canadian Firearms Program, 21 December 2021