Federal Court Hearing to Stop Liberal Attacks Will Miss April Deadline

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s Federal Court said today it’ll be a year before a hearing to stop the government’s May 2020 politically motivated attacks against honest citizens, missing a crucial deadline next April 30.

‘Early Fall’ 2022

Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné and lawyers for both sides agreed to a five-day hearing next year in “early fall.”

It’s the first time the court said its review of the legality of the May 2020 mass-criminalization Order in Council (OIC) will come after a 30 April 2022 deadline.

Injunction Hearing?

In their planning meeting today on Zoom and attended by TheGunBlog.ca, Gagné and the lawyers set April 11 to hear arguments on a temporary injunction, if needed.

They also agreed to several other deadlines in the six Federal Court challenges to stop the Liberal crackdown.

Why It Matters

Hundreds of thousands of government-licenced gun owners risk police raids, criminal charges, arrest and jail starting next May unless they’ve surrendered their rifles and shotguns that the Liberal Party-led government blacklisted on 01 May 2020.

Many owners intend to keep their property.

Sudden Crackdown

  • The Liberals declared all targeted owners to be in unlawful possession of their firearms, putting them at risk of immediate criminal charges and jail if they use their gear.
  • They also threatened charges unless the owners relinquish their equipment to police by April 2022.
  • The Liberals acted in the middle of the day without warning, without the knowledge of parliament, and with the support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Six groups of gun owners and businesses filed challenges in Federal Court to restore their rights and freedoms, and to stop the Liberal+RCMP attacks for being unconstitutional, illegal and abusive.
  • The editor of TheGunBlog.ca donated to several cases.

Several lawyers for gun owners on today’s call requested a hearing and a court decision before the April deadline, but the steps to be completed before a hearing will take longer.

Liberals Promise to Criminalize

The Liberals renewed their commitment to criminalize licensed gun users if they won re-election to government on September 20.

They won.

Federal Court Summary Table

Court NumberDate Filed (2020)Lead PartyLead Rep/Lawyer
T-569-20May 21Cassandra ParkerSolomon Friedman
T-577-20May 26CCFRMichael Loberg
T-581-20May 27John HipwellEdward Burlew
T-677-20Jun 29Michael DohertyArkadi Bouchelev
T-735-20Jul 10Christine GenerouxChristine Generoux
T-905-20Aug 11Jennifer EichenbergEugene Meehan