Liberals Aim to Confiscate 150,000 Rifles and Shotguns, They Tell Stubbs — Canada’s governing Liberal Party told an opposition MP last week it expects to confiscate about 150,000 rifles and shotguns from hunters, farmers, sport shooters and businesses under its May 1 political attacks.

Liberal Member of Parliament Joël Lightbound also told Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs that the RCMP, the Liberal crackdown enforcer, spent more than $2.5 million to print and post confiscation warnings to the country’s 2.2 million federally licensed firearm users and 4,500 businesses.

Lightbound filed his responses to Stubbs in the House of Commons on Dec. 4. obtained PDF copies today and is publishing them below.

Stubbs Seeks Details

Stubbs had asked the government in Ottawa for details on its attacks, including a Request for Proposals (RFP) to hire a contractor to work on the mass property seizures.

The responses were signed by Lightbound, a confiscation assistant to Bill Blair, the Minister of Public Safety (PS).

‘Estimated’ 150,000 Rifles and Shotguns

“PS indicated in the RFP that the estimated number of firearms to be impacted is 150,000,” said the response to Stubbs’s Question 142.

Bad Estimate?

  • The Liberal estimate may fail to include everyone targeted by the seizures.
  • Blair has claimed repeatedly (see also this) that shotgun owners are exempt, even as he targeted them.
  • He had aimed initially to confiscate 250,000 rifles, CBC News reported in September 2019, when the Liberals outlined the planned crackdown.

Printing and Postage Exceed $2.5 Million

For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program, “the total cost of notification activities was $2,538,780.20 (includes printing and mailing costs),” said the reply to Stubb’s Question 144.

The amount excludes expenses to draft and design the confiscation notices, or to answer related phone calls, e-mails and court challenges.

Massive Opposition

The Liberals are preparing to go after handgun owners next.

Their attacks have spawned massive and growing opposition from individuals, provinces and police, including the RCMP’s own staff.

The Conservatives are the only party in the House of Commons fighting the multi-billion-dollar crackdowns against honest Canadians. isn’t aware of anyone who intends to submit to the forced surrender, suggesting it will fail.

Lightbound Responds to Stubbs

Question 142

Question 143

Question 144