Alberta Vows to Defend Gun Rights Against Trudeau’s Attacks — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney vowed today to use the Canadian Constitution, provincial regulations and possibly a lawsuit to defend the rights of hunters, farmers and sport shooters against the federal Liberal Party’s attacks.

Why It Matters

  • The plans show Kenney as one of the strongest and most-vocal defenders of justice and the rule of law against what he has called the Liberals’ “regulatory harassment.”
  • Almost 10% of Alberta voters have a federal gun licence, and many more hunt and shoot safely and responsibly without a permit under the control of licence holders.
  • Many of Canada’s roughly 3 million gun owners want their provincial leaders to stop the Liberals’ mass confiscations.

Gun Rights

Today’s announcement is “about asserting Alberta and defending law-abiding Albertans against a federal attack against their rights as law-abiding firearms owners,” Kenney said at a media briefing today in Edmonton.

Alberta Plan Highlights

  • Fight Liberal May 1 confiscation order targeting rifle and shotgun owners
  • Use Constitution to block municipal handgun confiscations
  • Name Chief Firearms Officer and remove federal appointee (Debate begins today)
  • Create Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee to advise on policy
  • Create Alberta Firearms Examination Unit for policing
  • Consider backing court challenge to fight confiscations, possibly with Saskatchewan
  • Consider ending RCMP’s policing contracts in Alberta

Confiscate and Incarcerate

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s May 1 confiscation Order in Council, drafted in secret with the federal police, represents one of the biggest crackdowns against honest citizens by any democracy in history.

The sweeping and sudden decree threatens more than 100,000 gun owners and store owners with jail unless they surrender their newly banned rifles and shotguns within two years.

Update June 4: “Alberta is actively considering supporting legal action challenging the new federal gun laws,” Kenney said June 4 on Twitter.

Trudeau’s Harassment

Trudeau accused licensed firearm owners of being mass murderers and terrorists.

“These weapons were designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time,” Trudeau said May 1 when beginning the newest wave of his attack.

‘Not Scapegoats’

“Those law-abiding Albertans should not be used as scapegoats for the actions of criminals by politicians in Ottawa,” Kenney said.

Trudeau will use municipalities to go after Canada’s 300,000 handgun owners next.

Constitutional Rights

“They simply cannot bypass us to go to municipalities,” Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer said at today’s briefing. “This is our provincial jurisdiction. Alberta will always fight to preserve our rights under the Constitution.”

Violation of Justice

Civil-liberties advocates say the Liberal attacks violate fundamental principles of ethics, justice, the rule of law and parliamentary democracy.

Massive Opposition

The premiers of Saskatchewan and Ontario, police and hundreds of thousands of others also oppose the bans.

The top-two e-petitions in House of Commons history, including one that is still open for signatures, were drafted by Albertans to stop the Liberal abuse of power.

‘Appalled’ at Gun Grab

“When the federal government instituted its gun grab on Canadians, I have to say that I, as well as a large majority of my constituents, were appalled,” said Michaela Glasgo, who will chair the new Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee.

Advocate for Property Rights

“Advocating on behalf of Albertans for private-property rights has always been a priority for me, and that includes the right to lawfully owning firearms,” Glasgo said.