Trudeau Aims to Order Mass Rifle Confiscation Before Summer: CBC — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau aims to order the mass confiscation of hunting and sporting rifles within a year, “ideally before next summer,” CBC reported last week, without saying where it obtained the information.

The government is working to be ready to pay owners who surrender their property when it issues the order, Radio-Canada said Dec. 3 on its website.

The French-language news organization is part of Canada’s state media company.

Trudeau Confiscation

Trudeau and his accomplices are working on the biggest crackdown against honest men and women in Canadian history:

  • Order safe and responsible owners to surrender about 250,000 of their mainly “Non-restricted” rifles. Trudeau, who calls the items “military-style assault rifles,” has said he will give owners two years to obey.
  • Help municipalities expel almost 300,000 handgun owners and their families by prohibiting their gear.

‘As Quickly As Possible’

Bill Blair, the minister for gun bans, told a media scrum last week he’s working on the rifle seizures “as quickly as possible.” He refused to be more specific on timing.

Blair also said he’s working out how to administer the payment system.

Policy Failure

Any surrender deadline is at least two years away, and possibly further.

Although Trudeau’s confiscation threats are disrupting the shooting community and the firearm industry, the governing Liberal Party could be forced to abort its plans if it faces an early election. It failed to win sufficient votes to control parliament in the Oct. 21 election.

Rising opposition to bans from provincial premiers, police leaders and firearm users further suggests Trudeau’s plans will fail.

Radio-Canada Article Excerpt

Ottawa souhaite agir d’ici un an pour interdire les armes d’assaut

Louis Blouin

Radio-Canada a appris que le gouvernement Trudeau a pour objectif d’interdire les armes d’assaut de type militaire au cours de la prochaine année, idéalement avant l’été prochain. Les partisans d’une réforme sur les armes surveillent avec attention la mise en oeuvre de cette promesse phare des libéraux.

Selon nos informations, le gouvernement voudrait s’assurer que le programme de rachat de ces armes pour indemniser les propriétaires, comme promis en campagne, soit prêt et fonctionnel quand l’interdiction va s’appliquer.

Les libéraux veulent aussi prendre le temps de consulter des experts.