OFAH Calls on Trudeau Government to Target Violence, Not Hunters

TheGunBlog.ca — The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters called on the Canadian government to invest in preventing violence instead of wasting tax dollars to confiscate and buy guns from federally licensed firearm users.

“We are not going to tolerate more wasted tax dollars on government schemes that target hunters, sport shooters and gun collectors,” OFAH President Rob Hare said in a statement today on the group’s website.

Policy Outline Tomorrow

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will outline his priorities tomorrow in the governor general’s Speech from the Throne.

Trudeau Confiscation

Trudeau promised the biggest gun bans in Canadian history during this year’s election campaign:

  • Order licensed firearm owners to surrender about 250,000 of their hunting and sporting rifles in exchange for payment.
  • New laws for municipalities to expel safe and responsible handgun owners through prohibitions and restrictions.

The OFAH has more than 100,000 hunting and angling members, making it one of Canada’s largest groups of firearm users.

OFAH Statement Excerpts

Source: OFAH, Government plan targets law-abiding Canadian firearm owners

Unfortunately, the federal government has created a dialogue that focuses on law-abiding Canadians, distracts from real issues, and creates a false sense of security in a plan that has little potential to reduce crime. The government has regularly used misleading statistics and capitalized on a lack of public understanding for Canada’s existing firearms laws in an effort to generate support for firearms bans.

“The OFAH is calling for true government leadership on the issue of violent crime and illegal firearms,” says OFAH president Rob Hare. “We need investments that support policing and the justice system to target violent crime and illegal firearms, as well as programming that will focus on the social determinants and other root causes that lead to violence, gun violence and organized crime. We don’t need to spend money to take firearms out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding Canadians.”

Standing up against firearms proposals that do absolutely nothing to reduce crime, and do everything to attack responsible gun owners is the reason Canadians count on the OFAH.

“We are not going to tolerate more wasted tax dollars on government schemes that target hunters, sport shooters and gun collectors – especially since we are the ones who advocate for firearms safety and training, and keep conservation and the economy strong through participation in outdoor pastimes,” Hare adds.