Alberta Acts to Protect Residents, Trudeau Aims to Disarm Them — The Alberta government is working to protect rural residents against a wave of attacks and thefts, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working to disarm them.


Doug Schweitzer, the provincial minister of justice, has said he wants to clarify rules on self-defence and boost property rights so innocent people stay alive and safe. Many men and women feel guns would help.

“Rural Albertans are on edge,” Schweitzer said today on Twitter while sharing a CBC News report of business owners fearing for their lives.

“We are going to tackle rural crime head on!” Schweitzer tweeted Oct. 15 with an article from the Edmonton Journal. “Our democracy is founded on public safety and right now rural Albertans do not feel safe.”


Trudeau is working to confiscate 250,000 mainly “Non-restricted” rifles from farmers, ranchers and other federally licensed firearm users in Alberta and across the country. He also wants new laws to take away their handguns.

All of the measures target safe and responsible men and women among the 2.2 million adults with a police-authorized gun permit.

“We’re taking the strongest step in Canadian history to move forward on tougher gun legislation,” Trudeau said Oct. 1 while campaigning in an election that he and his Liberal Party won Oct. 21.

The Liberals, whose election platform didn’t mention Alberta, failed to win a single electoral district in the province.