Trudeau to Update on Gun Bans After Nov. 20, Blair’s Office Says — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will elaborate on his plans for mass gun bans against hunters, farmers and sport shooters after parliament resumes next month, the office of his minister for confiscation said today.

Federally licensed firearm users are working to stop or avoid Trudeau’s incarceration/confiscation orders and wondering how soon they may take effect following his Oct. 21 re-election.

The measures could threaten the owners of 250,000 mainly “Non-restricted” hunting and sporting rifles with jail unless they get their gear out of Canada or surrender it to police by Trudeau’s deadline. He’s also targeting handgunners.

‘Legislative Agenda’

“As the Prime Minister declared yesterday the new cabinet will be officially sworn in on November 20th, with the legislative agenda set to be issued following that,” Jordan Crosby, a spokesman for Minister Bill Blair, told today in response to questions sent to the prime minister’s office.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party lost many of the electoral districts it held before the election, but won the most ridings of any party in the House of Commons in Ottawa. Four of the five parties in parliament favour bans.

More Canadian Than Hockey

Not a single Liberal was elected in Alberta or in Saskatchewan, which has the highest density of federally licensed firearm users of any province in Canada.

Across the country, 2.2 million men and women have a permit, equivalent to roughly 8% of eligible voters.

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage. More adults have a licence than play golf, hockey or soccer. Millions more family and friends also hunt and shoot safely and responsibly under their control.

Goodale, Pratte Gone

Two officials responsible for Bill C-71 are gone following the election. The Liberals passed the bill in June as a new law against federally licensed firearm users and stores.

Ralph Goodale, the Liberal Minister of Public Safety who led Bill C-71 in the House of Commons, was voted out in Saskatchewan. André Pratte, the Trudeau-appointed senator who sponsored the bill in the Senate, resigned during the campaign.

Many Unknowns

Crosby declined to comment on how many gun owners are being targeted by Trudeau, which products are on his ban list, and whether confiscation could come as a cabinet “order in council” or if it will require a new law passed in parliament.

Two-Year Deadline

Trudeau said during the election campaign he will give rifle owners two years to comply with his confiscation order, without giving a specific start or end date.

The only model he named for destruction was the AR-15 target rifle, while also mentioning attacks where assailants had or used a CZ 858 and Ruger Mini-14. He repeatedly used the made-up term of “military-style assault rifles.”

He also promised to work with municipalities to expel or further restrict handgun owners and stores.

Dec. 6 Announcement?

Dec. 6 marks the 30th anniversary of a shooting massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, a favourite date for Liberals to announce new prohibitions and restrictions on millions of honest Canadians. Trudeau’s home riding is in Montreal.

The Conservative Party is the only elected federal party that opposes criminalizing safe and responsible firearm users. They won the second-highest number of ridings after the Liberals, and obtained more votes than the Liberals.


Correction: Corrects home province of Ralph Goodale.