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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 31

Updated daily throughout the week.

Highlights This Week
– Petition E-2574 Against Liberal Attacks Closes With 230,905 Signatures
– Court Battles to Stop Confiscations Could Drag Out for 5 Years: Burlew
– Glock Won’t Offer Its New Retro G17 Gen 1 Model P80 Pistol in Canada
– Green Party Frontrunner Annamie Paul Wants Confiscations
– Ontario MP Mellilo: Survey Shows Constituents Oppose Liberal Attacks

Green Party’s Amita Kuttner Seeks Better Justice for Gun Owners — Amita Kuttner is pledging greater justice for Canada’s millions of hunters, farmers, sport shooters and gun collectors if they win the Green Party’s leadership contest in October. Below is an exclusive short Q&A with Kuttner’s campaign manager, followed by their firearm platform. It includes recognizing “home defence as reasonable legal grounds for firearm…