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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 June 07

– Gun Imports Jump in April to Highest Level in Four Years
– Christopher di Armani Updates on Continuing the Work of Dennis Young
– Guns in the North: Assessing the Impact of Social Identity on Firearms Advocacy in Canada
– Charter Overtakes Canadian Firearms Safety Course as Top Download
– NFA Video: What Is the NFA?
– Nova Scotia ‘Mass Casualty Commission’ to Investigate Access to Guns

RCMP: ‘It Has Been Recommended’ to Stop Gun-Safety Courses on COVID-19 — The RCMP, which controls private gun ownership in Canada, said “it has been recommended” to stop teaching the mandatory firearm-safety courses for a gun licence to avoid COVID-19 contagion. RCMP Comment “It has been recommended that the delivery of the Firearms Safety Course(s) be postponed to follow the social distancing protocols in place…