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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 24

– Paul Rogan, Founding Editor of Canadian Access To Firearms, Has Died
– Trudeau Reiterates Aim of Further Suppressing Government-Licensed Gun Owners
– Government Appeals Court Order in Effort to Hide RCMP’s ‘Nullification’ Algorithm (See the 2 PDFs)
– Kawartha Lakes (Ontario) City Council Covers Firearm-Discharge Bylaw
– Government Now Says It Expects New Bill C-71 Restrictions in 2022 From 2021
– Anti-Gun Groups Urge Government to Criminalize Handgun Owners
– CSAAA: January 2022 Newsletter

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 20

– Almost 100% of Gun Owners Have So Far Rejected Trudeau’s Confiscations, iPolitics Reports
– Government Says It Will Share 2020 RCMP Commissioner of Firearms Report in February 2022
– RCMP Says Government Still Working on May 2020 Mass Gun Confiscations
– CSAAA Hires Jennifer Gadbois as New Managing Director
– RCMP Adds More Models to Guns Prohibited Under 01 May 2020 Attacks
– Canadian National Shooting Range Day Proposed By CCFR
– Chris Lewis: Will Handgun Bans Prevent Violent Crime in Canada?

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 13

– Canadians Bought 30,000 AR-15 Target Rifles in Lead-Up to Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks
– RCMP Canadian Firearms Program Hiring Privacy Specialist, Invites Tech Firms to Bid
– Government Cancels Invitation to Bid for Military Pistol Contract After Trade Tribunal Decision
– SECU Snapshot: Dancho and Lloyd Challenge Mendicino on Guns

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 29

– Toronto Police Officer Who Killed Rodger Kotanko Refuses to Talk to SIU
– Canadian Taxpayers Federation Buys Ottawa Bus-Shelter Ads to Fight Trudeau’s Mass Criminalizations
– Trudeau Names Anti-Gun Activist MP Pam Damoff as Parliamentary Secretary to Minister Marco Mendicino
– RCMP Says All 22 Victims of 2020 Nova Scotia Mass Killing Were Firearm-Related Homicides


Government Estimates Its May 2020 Crackdown on Licensed Gun Owners Affects 150,000 Firearms — The Canadian government estimates its May 2020 attacks on gun owners affects 150,000 of our firearms, and said it hasn’t begun to compensate confiscation victims.
The Department of Public Safety was responding to our questions in relation to a report by IBM Canada.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 22

– Interview With NFA Past President Sheldon Clare (Video)
– Liberal ‘Throne Speech’ Reiterates Aim to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Marco Mendicino Says ‘We Need to Do More’ to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Bullet-Related Homicide Rate Rose in 2020, Led By Nova Scotia Attacks, Statistics Canada Says
– Green Party Appoints Gun-Friendly Amita Kuttner as Interim Leader
– IBM Report to Liberals on Mass Criminalizations and Gun Confiscations (PDF)
– Trade Tribunal Tells Government to Cancel and Restart Military Pistol Contract

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 15

– Rodger Kotanko Family and Lawyer Brief Media on His Killing By Toronto Police
– NFA New Video Ad: Working Within the Law to Change the Law
– U.S. Anti-Gun Sentiment Sinks to Lowest Since 2014
– U.S. Gun Owners Increasingly Cite Crime as Reason for Ownership
– Kyle Rittenhouse Has Been Acquitted on All Charges

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 08

– Erin O’Toole Names MP Raquel Dancho as Conservative Critic for ‘Public Safety’
– Conservative MP Raquel Dancho Makes First Statement as Opposition Critic for Public Safety
– Update on Toronto Police Killing of Rodger Kotanko
– Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply’s Federal Court Challenge Is Allowed to Proceed
– Jim Newman: That Dog Don’t Hunt: Tales from The Hunt Camp Porch

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 01

– Canada Gun Imports Rise 25% in January – September, Led By Shotguns From Italy
– NFA Says Sheldon Clare Decided to Step Down as President
– RCMP Website Has Been Offline for Two Days
– CSAAA Is Hiring a Managing Director
– 70-Year-Old Gunsmith Rodger Kotanko Shot to Death By Toronto Police at His Home
– NFA: O’Toole’s Firearms Flip-Flop

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 October 25

– Trudeau Names Marco Mendicino as New Minister Against Gun Owners
– NFA: Election 2021 Lessons and Next Steps for Gun Owners
– Gary Mauser: Children and Firearms Safety
– Gun Stores Are Waiting for Products Ordered a Year Ago
– RCMP Deems Kodiak Defence KD200 Bolt-Action Rifle ‘Prohibited’ Under May 2020 Mass Criminalizations