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RCMP Comments on New Bill C-71 ‘Non-Restricted’ Gun Transfer Processing, Penalties — The RCMP responds below to our questions on transferring so-called “Non-Restricted” rifles and shotguns since May 18, when new criminalizations from Bill C-71 (2019) targeting government-licensed gun owners took effect.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 March 28

– A Gun-Rights Proposal for Canadian Municipalities, By Patrick Plunkett
– RCMP Says It Doesn’t Have Stats Available on How Few People Surrendered TheIr Guns So Far
– CSSA: Pierre Poilievre to Speak at AGM’s ‘Stick to Your Guns’ Dinner on April 30
– RCMP Still Blames Covid-19 for Four-Month Delay Processing New Gun Licences
– RCMP Plans Contract to Buy New Pistols in December
– RCMP Updates Its Webpage on Mass Gun Confiscations