NFA Urges Gun Shop ‘Defiance’ of Trudeau’s Confiscation Effort — Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) today urged government-licensed gun businesses to defy Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s failing confiscation effort, and warned against the false hope for compensation.

NFA Comment

“We urge businesses not to comply unless legally forced to do so,” the NFA said on the X platform. “The chance of gov. compensation being either ‘fair’ or ending up being more than a ‘broken promise’ is remote at best.”

Why It Matters

  • The Trudeau-Liberals still have no clue how to execute the forced seizures they ordered in May 2020, and they have no plan to pay off the hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses targeted by their crackdown.
  • This week the Liberals proposed loosening their anti-gun laws to allow firearm businesses to voluntarily ship their gear for destruction.
  • The Liberal confiscation fantasy is increasingly viewed as optional, since the deadline has been delayed twice and is now set for after an election that the Liberals are expected to lose by a landslide.

NFA Full Statement

SourceNFA on X

The Liberal government has initiated the first phase of its firearms confiscation program. This is a voluntary surrender of business inventories through the participation of some specific couriers.

This measure is coercion in an attempt to kick-start the Liberal gun grab.

A certain firearms industry actor is encouraging compliance with this, at present, voluntary measure. Vendors believing that the Liberal gun grab is irreversible, or that surrender in the hope of compensation is their only alternative are being naive at best.

Canada’s National Firearms Association encourages dealers, wholesalers, and distributors to retain their inventory in defiance of Justin Trudeau’s gun grab, unless or until threatened to do otherwise by the government.

A day of reckoning is coming for the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, and it is coming like a freight train.

Property will be made legal once again, and as before, the Liberals will be forced to face the shame and failure of their civil disarmament agenda.