Liberals Filed These Regulations to Confiscate Guns Via Canada Post — Canada’s Liberal Party-led administration proposed the following regulations to use Canada Post to help confiscate guns from government-licensed businesses, as it scrambles to salvage a failing crackdown it ordered in May 2020.

The Liberals had made it a crime for anyone to ship so-called “Prohibited” rifles and shotguns through the national postal service, deeming it a dangerous risk to safety … until now.

  • In fact, it was never a risk to safety in the past, nor is it today.
  • The newest Liberal regulations come less than a month after reported that mailing “Prohibited” rifles and shotguns via Canada Post is a crime.
  • We’re wondering if gun shops can now take their unsold AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14 rifles (or any of the 2,000 other models disliked by the Liberals) to the Canada Post outlet at the back of their local Shoppers Drug Mart or PharmaSave to mail in their unwanted gear.

Proposed Regulations

Source: Library of Parliament

Why It Matters

  • The Liberals are clueless about how to execute their mass confiscations and are rewriting anti-gun policies on the fly. (They’ve been working on the idea for almost six years.)
  • Yesterday, they updated their May 2020 gun-confiscation order so that people who complied with it don’t automatically risk jail.
  • Canada Post refused to help with the confiscations, CBC News reported last month.
  • Although the new Liberal shipping regulations are aimed at business, the anti-gun politicians could in theory expand them to include the few individual gun owners who might voluntarily surrender their gear.
  • Gun users view the confiscations as mostly optional, and the only people or businesses expected to send their firearms for destruction are those who volunteer to.