Mailing Banned Guns By Canada Post Is Illegal; Liberals Decline to Comment — Canada’s governing Liberal Party wants the government-licensed gun owners it targeted with confiscation in May 2020 to mail in our now “Prohibited” firearms by Canada Post, CBC News reported this week.

The state postal service refused to help execute the crackdown, CBC said in its French and English reports on April 23. CBC didn’t name its sources for the information.

Illegal Transport and Shipping

The state media company didn’t mention two related legal hurdles for the failing Liberal confiscation fantasy:

  1. It would be a serious crime for gun owners to take our “Prohibited” rifles and shotguns from our homes to the post office. (The Liberals arbitrarily recategorized our “Non-Restricted” and “Restricted” gear as “Prohibited” to prevent us from buying, selling, sharing, transporting, or using it.)
  2. It would be a serious crime for us to mail our “Prohibited” rifles and shotguns through Canada Post.

SOR/98-209 Prohibits Shipping By Post

“An individual may ship a firearm by posting it only if: (a) the firearm is a non-restricted firearm, restricted firearm or prohibited handgun,” say the “Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regulations” under the heading “Shipping By Post.”

The Liberals invented those “statutory orders and regulations,” referred to as SOR/98-209, in 1998 to expand the Firearms Act, their sweeping anti-gun law of 1995.

RCMP Shares the Same Info

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program, which is helping the Liberals suppress honest gun users, provides the same information on its webpage on Authorization to Transport under the heading Mailing Firearms:

Use Canada Post‘s most secure method to send the following firearms from one Canadian location to another:

  • non-restricted firearms
  • restricted firearms
  • prohibited handguns

This method requires a signature upon delivery.

An individual or a licensed carrier company must ship all other types of prohibited firearms, as well as any firearms that are going across the Canadian border.

—RCMP Canadian Firearms Program, Webpage on Authorization to Transport, Accessed on 27 April 2024 Requests Info asked the Liberals on April 24 to clarify the prohibition on mailing “Prohibited” rifles and shotguns, and invited them to comment on their discussions with Canada Post.

The Ottawa-based Department of Public Safety, which is overseeing the crackdown on government-licensed firearm users, replied to us yesterday without addressing those issues.

Government Response

The design of the Firearms Buyback Program, also known as the Assault-Style Firearms Compensation Program, is well advanced. The Government of Canada continues to be engaged with various stakeholders to ensure a safe, efficient and cost-effective program. More information on the business phase of the assault-style firearms compensation program will be available in due course.

—Department of Public Safety, Response to, 26 April 2024

Liberals Move to New Wording?

  • This is the first time has heard Liberals use the phrase “Assault-Style Firearms Compensation Program.”
  • A Google search for that term shows 1 result: This report.
  • We welcome the move away from the misleading word “buyback” as a euphemism for “crackdown,” “mass criminalization,” “forced confiscation,” “forced destruction,” etc.
  • We oppose the move to the Liberal-invented nonsense phrase “assault-style firearms,” and we oppose referring to an imaginary “compensation program.”
    • Our firearms have been in pre-confiscation for four years without any compensation.
    • Firearms are being confiscated as owners die, without any compensation.

Could the Liberals Change the Law?

In theory, the Liberals could invent new policies to eliminate their prohibitions on transport and shipping.

It would add to their mountain of hypocrisy and contradiction that has destroyed trust in government and the law.

Imagine: The Liberals tell us one day that hundreds of thousands of gun owners are so dangerous and unwelcome they must be criminalized and have their goods seized by force. Then the next day, they tell us those gun owners are welcome at the local post office. Which is it?


  • The Liberals still have no clue how to execute their mass confiscation fantasy after almost six years of dreaming about it and wasting tens of millions of dollars on it.
  • They have no budget for the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to compensate confiscation victims.
  • They face massive and growing opposition from provinces, police, and the public.