Conservatives Say for First Time They Will Repeal Bill C-21 — The Conservative Party of Canada said for the first time since electing Pierre Poilievre as leader that it will repeal Bill C-21 if elected to government.

Conservatives ‘Will Repeal Bill C-21’

“A common-sense Conservative govt will repeal Bill C-21 and take real action to tackle crime and put criminals behind bars!” Rachael Thomas, a Conservative member of parliament from Alberta, said yesterday on her personal account on the X platform.

Why It Matters

  • Thomas’s statement is significant as the first Conservative commitment to repeal any policy by the governing Liberal Party attacking government-licensed firearm users.
  • The promise may reassure gun users who view the Conservatives as their best option in the next election, even though the party has in the past acted against gun users.
  • The Conservatives are the only party in the current parliament to oppose crackdowns on honest citizens who use firearms.
  • Opinion polls show they have a dominating lead over other parties and will win the next election, scheduled in October 2025.

Bill C-21 Is Law

The Liberals and their allies passed Bill C-21 into law yesterday as their newest political and legislative crackdown on government-licensed gun users. The Conservatives were the only party in the House of Commons to oppose the bill.

  • The law solidifies the forced confiscation begun last year of all handguns legally registered to government-licensed owners.
  • It prohibits all government-licensed firearm users from legally buying any future design of centre-fire, semi-automatic, and magazine-fed rifle or shotgun.
  • It makes it easier to confiscate guns from government-licensed owners.

Poilievre Stays Vague

Poilievre, who took over as Conservative leader in September 2022, said yesterday on his personal X account: “Common sense Conservatives will stop the Liberal hunting rifle ban.”

He has repeatedly mentioned a Liberal ban on hunting rifles, without specifying what he’s referring to, and without a clear commitment to repeal any Liberal policies.

  • It’s unclear which ban he’s referring to.
  • The term “hunting rifle” doesn’t designate any particular type of firearm.
  • Any firearm can be used for any purpose.

Notably since Poilievre became leader, the Conservatives haven’t promised to repeal the Liberals’ May 2020 order to forcibly confiscate many popular rifles and shotguns from government-licensed owners.

Liberals Expand Rifle and Shotgun Confiscations

In November 2022, the Liberals had proposed an amendment to Bill C-21 to confiscate many popular rifles, including rifles commonly used by hunters.

  • They withdrew the so-called “ban list” amendment in February 2023.
  • It remains useful evidence of Liberal intentions.
  • The Liberals have since reiterated their plan to expand the rifle and shotgun confiscations ordered in May 2020 by unleashing a new confiscation order in council (OiC).