Alberta Premier Smith Plans ‘Push Back Strategy’ on Trudeau’s Gun Confiscations

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. Source: — Alberta Premier Danielle Smith outlined a “push back strategy” yesterday against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mass gun confiscations and other “intrusions.”

She summarized her plans in a memo to cabinet that she shared on her personal Twitter account.

Key Points

  • “One of my priorities as Premier is to ensure Alberta’s freedoms and interests are protected from federal intrusions.”
  • “On major policy issues, our government will be discussing a push back strategy to address issues such as the federal oil and gas emissions cap, fertilizer reductions, and the firearms confiscation program.”
  • “Also, there may be cases where Alberta will seek to opt out of new federal programs if they are not in Alberta’s best interest.”

Why It Matters

  • Including Trudeau’s confiscations as a “major policy issue” suggests Smith considers it a priority to defend honest firearm users.
  • The premier is pursuing her predecessor, Jason Kenney, in positioning Alberta as the strongest provincial force against Trudeau’s political and regulatory attacks.
  • Alberta standing up for responsible citizens is inspiring people across Canada.


Smith Memo on ‘Federal Engagement’

Source: Danielle Smith on Twitter