Saskatchewan Refuses to Support Trudeau’s Attacks on Gun Owners

(Update September 29: Rewrites headline and first paragraph, adds comment by justice minister.) — Saskatchewan told the province’s RCMP commander that it refuses to support or pay for any action connected to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political attacks on government-licensed gun users.

  • The province follows Alberta this week in defending honest citizens against Trudeau’s efforts to criminalize them and confiscate many of their rifles and shotguns.


Christine Tell, Saskatchewan’s minister of prisons, policing and public safety, sent a letter dated September 27 to Rhonda Blackmore, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander for policing in Saskatchewan.

The minister said:

As the federal government continues to plan for their confiscation program, it is important to make it clear to you, the Commanding Officer of our provincial police service, that the Government of Saskatchewan does not support and will not authorize the use of provincially funded resources for any process that is connected to the federal governments proposed “buy back” of these firearms.

Why It Matters

  • Saskatchewan’s refusal of support is the newest sign that Trudeau’s crackdown unleashed in May 2020 will fail.
  • Notable: The province didn’t say it opposes his attacks, it said it won’t pay for them. Alberta aims to stop the assault.
  • Unknown: If Trudeau could bypass Saskatchewan by using federal tax dollars to pay the RCMP to criminalize and confiscate.
  • Context: Many RCMP employees worked in secret with Trudeau’s team to prepare his assault, and are now working to execute it. The RCMP labour union opposes the confiscations.

CFO Freberg Says New Legislation Coming

Robert Freberg, Saskatchewan’s Chief Firearms Officer, told Saskatoon’s CKOM radio today that the province supports policies to stop violent outlaws.

“However, we do not support initiatives that will impact law-abiding, RCMP-vetted hunters, sport shooters, ranchers, farmers and others who use firearms for lawful and good purposes,” Freberg told radio host John Gormley.

Freberg also told CKOM that Saskatchewan is preparing new legislation that addresses many of the concerns of responsible firearm users.

Confiscation, Eroding Rights

“Confiscating the property and eroding the rights of responsible, law-abiding firearms owners does not address the illegal, violent use of firearms in our communities, and we would ask the federal government to help support law enforcement initiatives focused on tackling gangs and violent offenders,” quoted Minister of Justice Bronwyn Eyre as saying.

Tell’s Letter to RCMP Commander Blackmore