Trudeau Filed These Regulations to Kill the Legal Handgun Market Without Bill C-21 — The government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau filed the following regulations to kill the legal handgun market, without requiring Bill C-21 as a new law.

Both the regulations and the legislation were submitted yesterday to the House of Commons in Ottawa for review. The regulations below were also filed with the Senate.

Aim of the Regulations

  • The regulatory attack, expected to take effect in the fall, would criminalize any government-licensed firearm user who buys, sells, imports or transfers any legally owned handgun, leading to the eventual confiscation of all legally owned personal pistols and revolvers.
  • Bill C-21, if passed, would achieve a similar result in law, which is much harder to change than regulation. Trudeau said yesterday he aims to “fast track” the bill.
  • The illegal handgun market will remain unaffected.

Regulations to End the Legal Handgun Market

Source: Department of Public Safety

(The first copy went to the House, the second went to the Senate.)

Regulations To Take Effect in Fall

Trudeau said the following yesterday in a statement:

To ensure the national freeze on handguns can be implemented swiftly, the Minister of Public Safety has already tabled regulatory amendments in both the House of Commons and the Senate. These regulations will help stop the growth of personally owned handguns in Canada and are expected to come into force in Fall 2022.

Source: Justin Trudeau, News Release, 30 May 2022