Trudeau to Propose New Anti-Gun Law Next Week

Screenshot of House of Commons Notice Paper for Monday 30 May 2022. Source: House of Commons
Screenshot of House of Commons Notice Paper. Source: House of Commons — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will begin his newest legislative attack against government-licensed gun owners and businesses next week, according to the latest House of Commons Notice Paper.


Yesterday’s update for Monday May 30 under “Introduction of Government Bills” notifies the House of what’s coming: “The Minister of Public Safety — Bill entitled ‘An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms)’.”

Notice Paper for Monday May 30

Monday at 3 P.M.

  • Update May 29: Minister of Justice David Lametti told CTV News that the bill will be introduced on May 30.
  • Update May 29: The bill is listed on the House of Commons Order Paper, the official agenda, for 3 p.m. Ottawa time on Monday.

Why It Matters

  • Trudeau promised new crackdowns in last year’s election, beyond the mass criminalizations, confiscations and prohibitions he had enacted since taking office in 2015.
  • He and his governing Liberal Party are working to weaken citizens and suppress personal firearm ownership.
  • Their new measures target Canada’s 2.2 million government-licensed firearm users and 2,500 businesses. We are concerned about our future.

What the Law May Cover

  • The Department of Public Safety didn’t respond to our request for info on the planned law.
  • Update May 29: Lametti told CTV News: “I’d point you back to our platform, and there are a number of different measures that we had signaled, as well as what we had done in the previous House of Commons, old Bill C-21. So there are a number of different measures that the prime minister has mentioned, that Minister Mendicino has mentioned in our electoral campaign.”
  • Next week’s bill may relate to his mass confiscations begun in May 2020.
  • In last year’s election campaign, Trudeau promised to:
    • Criminalize owners of rifle and shotgun ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 5 cartridges.
    • Help provinces/territories criminalize the country’s 330,000 licensed handgun owners.
    • Expand so-called “red-flag” laws to easily confiscate firearms from licensed owners.
  • The Liberals have promised previously:
    • New crimes for home firearm storage, such as charges for people who don’t have a minimum gauge of steel for their gun safes. The Department of Public Safety’s Departmental Plan 2022–23 says: “Enhance secure storage requirements to deter theft.”
    • An “evergreen” firearm-classification system to prohibit any firearm anytime.
  • Trudeau is considering national handgun prohibitions and confiscations, the National Post said last month.

Bill C-21 No. 2?

  • The bill could be numbered Bill C-21, based on the House of Commons numbering system.
  • That would give it the same number as anti-gun Bill C-21 of 2021, which was abandoned.

What Is the Notice Paper?

Source: House of Commons, “Parliamentary Publications

The Order Paper and Notice Paper is a two-part document that includes all the business for which notice must be given or that can be brought before the House on a given day.

The Order Paper is the official agenda of any business that the House of Commons may consider.

The Notice Paper contains items of which notice has been given. So as not to take the House by surprise, members give notice before substantive matters are to be raised. Items on the Notice Paper typically move to the Order Paper once the required notice period is over.

Thank You

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