Liberal ‘Throne Speech’ Reiterates Aim to Criminalize Gun Owners — Canada’s governing Liberal Party reiterated its aim of criminalizing hunters, farmers and sport shooters in today’s Speech From the Throne, as it pursues its attacks against government-licensed gun owners and businesses.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeated the message in his own statement after the speech.

Key Points

  • The speech, which outlined the government’s priorities, repeated the Liberal intention to confiscate newly blacklisted rifles and shotguns from hundreds of thousands of gun owners, and to pay the confiscation victims. They were turned into outlaws by government order in May 2020.
  • The speech repeated the Liberal intention to help provinces and territories criminalize Canada’s 300,000+ government-licensed handgun owners.
  • The speech didn’t mention any of the other crackdowns promised by the Liberals in September’s election campaign.

Key Quote

Governor General Mary Simon said in the Throne Speech she read today in the Senate in Ottawa:

  • “The Government will now put forward measures like a mandatory buyback of banned assault-style weapons, and move forward with any province or territory that wants to ban handguns.”
  • Source: 2021 Speech From the Throne

Liberal-English Translations

  • The Liberals call their mass criminalization + confiscation + compensation scheme “buyback.”
  • They refer to the legally owned hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns they outlawed as “assault-style weapons.”
  • They refer to their suppression of honest men and women with government-issued gun licences as “public safety.”

About the Throne Speech

  • The Speech From the Throne outlines the government’s goals at the beginning of every new session of parliament.
  • It is read by the Governor General, the local representative of Canada’s U.K.-based king or queen.
  • More Info: About the Speech from the Throne