Calgary Councillor Against PAL Holders Proposes New Task Force — A Calgary councillor who wants to expel federally licensed firearm owners is working with the mayor to propose a panel to study “gun violence,” a favourite phrase of anti-gun activists.

Councillor George Chahal and Mayor Naheed Nenshi are proposing a Public Safety Task Force on the matter, according to a new notice of motion for the Jan. 21 meeting of the City of Calgary’s Priorities & Finance Committee.

First Step to Confiscation?

The document was reported earlier today by Dennis Young, an independent researcher who asked if it could be a first step to new bans.

“The City of Calgary should work with its public and private partners, including but not limited to: the federal and provincial governments, CPS, school boards, schools, teachers, parents, law abiding gun owners, and citizens to tackle the escalating issues of gun violence,” the motion said.

Chahal the Prohibitionist

Chahal said in October he would submit a motion after the federal election of Oct. 21 to ban handguns from federally licensed owners, CBC News reported at the time.

Everyone is banned already from buying, selling or having any gun unless they have a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) authorized by the federal police.

More Canadian Than Hockey

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture, heritage and tradition.

  • More Canadian adults have a PAL than play golf or hockey.
  • About 2.2 million men and women have the permits, including roughly 60,000 in Calgary.
  • Millions more family and friends of all ages also hunt and shoot safely and responsibly under the control of permit holders.

PAL Holder Silence

Firearm users have so far remained largely silent against the rising hostility and harassment from politicians seeking to criminalize honest citizens.

Fewer than 5% of PAL holders have signed a petition against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans to order mass gun confiscations.

Many permit holders voted for Trudeau’s Liberal Party in the October election, or for smaller parties that led to Trudeau’s re-election.

Terms of Reference

Chahal and Nenshi’s proposal aims to set the terms of reference for the task force by March 16.

The text of the motion doesn’t mention expelling licensed firearm owners or confiscating their gear.

Trudeau Mass Confiscations

Trudeau was re-elected after promising measures for municipalities to expel handgun owners by prohibiting their gear.

He’s also preparing to order national mass confiscations of hunting and sporting rifles from safe and responsible PAL holders. Refusing the surrender order could lead to jail.

Calgary has the highest density of licensed firearm users among Canada’s largest cities.

Notice of Motion

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