Edward Burlew: Licensed Gun Owners Fight Back

TheGunBlog.ca — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, sent the following letter to TheGunBlog.ca as the governing Liberal Party of Canada plans the single biggest gun confiscation in the country’s history against hunters, farmers, ranchers, sport shooters and firearm collectors.

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Background: AR-15 Selling Out in Canada on Concern Trudeau to Ban New Owners


Licensed Gun Owners Fight Back!
Edward Burlew

In a mass protest against the Liberal threat of a sweeping gun ban and confiscation, Licensed Canadian gun owners have acted together to fight.

Twenty Thousand plus Canadians this last month have purchased AR-15s. This was in direct protest of the threat of banning and possible confiscation of these very same sporting rifles.

At an average price of $1,000 we Canadians put our money where our hearts are. No hesitation. This action speaks louder than any words. The value of 20,000 AR-15’s at $1,000 each is easily $20,000,000 Canadian Dollars. Each dollar honestly earned and honestly spent.

Resounding Protest

This resounding protest shows that Canadians are made of stern stuff. Quick to rise to a challenge and ready to put their money into action. Together silently Twenty Thousand Canadians stood up to unfounded political threats and paid up. No fear, just fast decisive action.

This same action and money will be felt by the Liberals in the next election. These same 20,000 and another 67,000 Canadians and their families have made their protest loud and clear. No threat of a politician will deter them in legally owning the AR-15 sporting rifle.

Vote for Freedom

This was not just signing a petition. This was money paid in protest. In Confidence of success.

Canadians did not act in fear and bail out of owning the famous AR-15, No Sir!

They took positive action. Each purchase a loud vote for freedom and public safety. Confident in their continued ownership and enjoyment of their sport, real money. Serious money was paid by hard-working Canadians.

RCMP Approval

Moreover the RCMP stood behind them and approved every sale. Checked each one of them and gave their highest approval for the purchase. This RCMP approval of every AR-15 purchase shows Canada and its politicians that we licensed Canadians are to be trusted.

I applaud every Canadian who opened their wallet and protested political threats with the purchase of an AR-15. I ask all Canadians to join in the recognition of this brave act of protest.

When it takes guts to stand up for our rights we do that with our wallets. Let’s show the Liberals that this is just the beginning  of our fight back. And we intend to succeed.

Yours In Freedom,
Edward Burlew, LL.B.