Paris Riots Show How Quickly Mass Violence and Destruction Erupt — Last night’s riots by “urban guerillas” in Paris and across France show how quickly anti-government mass violence and destruction can erupt, even in the most advanced, beautiful and peaceful democracies.


  • Photos and videos showed burned cars, smashed store fronts, fires, and what appears to be a police sniper on a balcony.
  • Le Monde front page headline: “After the Violence of Dec. 1, Government Faces a Major Crisis”
  • Reuters: “The violence in Paris was the worst in the elegant center of the capital since the May 1968 student uprising that brought France to its knees.” See Reuters video.
  • Protestors urged French President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Opposition parties are calling for an election.
  • The Paris riots focused around the Arc de Triomphe. They also hit the old stock exchange and other areas.
  • Le Monde: Police detained more than 600 people across France. Some 263 were injured, including 81 law-enforcement agents, as 136,000 people took to the streets in protest, compared with 166,000 on Nov 24 and 282,000 on Nov. 17.
  • Le Monde: Macron held an emergency cabinet meeting today. He will meet with all party leaders and the representatives of the so-called “yellow vests” movement (“gilets jaunes”) tomorrow.
  • Politicians, media and witnesses called the rioters across France “urban guerillas.” They said many were anti-Macron extremists intent on violence and vandalism.
  • French police union, Alliance: Government should declare a state of emergency and call in the army to deal with the “insurrection.”


  • Rising gas prices because of “environmental” taxes, and rising cost of living.


Lessons and Reminders

  • Life changes fast. Macron was elected with 66 percent of the vote last year.
  • Don’t be a turkey who thinks good times today guarantee good times tomorrow.
  • People who believe the law keeps us safe from such eruptions are delusional.
  • People who say the law keeps us safe are pushing a lie.
  • People who prevent honest and responsible citizens from getting skills and equipment to protect their life and property are a threat to personal and public safety.

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