Defence Staff Told to Not Fight Back If Attacked: National Post — Almost every civilian mass-shooting has been stopped by bullets: the attacker shoots himself or is shot by someone else.

Office staff at Canada’s Department of National Defence are trying a different approach: sharing their feelings and hiding.

Employees will be trained to avoid fighting an attacking shooter except as a last resort, the National Post reported yesterday, citing documents it obtained in preparation for an attack drill next week.

A slide presentation titled “Run, Hide, Defend” begins by saying “there is no right or wrong decision when facing a crisis incident,” the newspaper said. Participants in the exercise will practice only the “Hide” option, the National Post reported.

As absolute last resorts during a shooting, the documents say employees could “throw items or improvise weapons,” “act aggressively” and “keep fighting until the shooter is defeated,” the paper said, quoting the documents.

The training simulation will run April 18 at a major government building in Ottawa’s suburb of Gatineau, and about 850 out of the more than 1,000 participants work for National Defence, the National Post said.

One of the documents for Global Affairs Canada invites employees who feel unsettled or anxious after watching the city of Houston’s 2012 “Run. Hide. Fight.” video to share their feelings, the paper said.

Documents say the video could be “disturbing for some,” and “its contents may not necessarily reflect the values and gender equality principles of the Government of Canada,” the National Post reported, citing the documents it obtained.

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