Goodale’s Office Confirms Plan for New Gun Laws by End of Year — The Canadian government said it will present new gun laws before the end of the year, confirming a news report yesterday, as it aims to fulfill election promises of more paperwork and restrictions to buy, sell, transport and import firearms.

The plans outlined in the ruling Liberal Party’s 2015 campaign platform include more checks when buying or selling guns, more procedures and paperwork to take firearms to a shooting range or gunsmith, more list-keeping by gun stores, and applying costly new markings to imported guns.

Legislative Package

“Before the end of the year, we will be introducing a legislative package consistent with the measures laid out in our election platform,” Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale, said today by e-mail, confirming a report by iPolitics last night. “To be clear, we have said all along that we will not recreate a federal long-gun registry, and we won’t.”

Bardsley didn’t say when the new laws would be reviewed by parliament or when they might take effect. The Liberals have a majority, suggesting the bills will pass.

The government hasn’t provided any evidence that its proposals would increase public safety or reduce crime. Murderers, rapists, robbers and other violent criminals who use firearms for their work disregard gun laws.

Constrains the Law-Abiding

The only people affected by the extra constraints could be the 2 million men and women who already have police-issued licences required to buy guns and ammunition legally, and millions of their family members, friends and guests who enjoy shooting for recreation, hunting, or sport.

Canadian law allows private civilians to carry firearms for self-defence with police approval, but the police reject most applications, ensuring that only criminals go armed.

“The government believes in effective firearms measures that prioritize public safety while ensuring fair treatment for law-abiding firearms owners,” Bardsley said.

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