Conservative Party Asks NFA to Delete Data After Complaints

The Conservative Party of Canada asked the National Firearms Association to stop using and delete data that were wrongfully obtained and used, after party members complained of unsolicited requests from the shooters’ rights group.

The NFA obtained the names and addresses of party members from someone involved in a Conservative leadership campaign who violated party policy, and then used the data to mail letters asking for money and memberships, the Canadian Press and other media said last week.

The National Firearms Association was the first gun-rights group I joined, in late 2014, and I also persuaded my dad to join. It was the first group I wrote about when I started in January 2015. I fell in love with their Canadian flag/AR-15 logo and “No Compromise” slogan and approach. Then I learned about their leadership crisis, lawsuits, missed fundraising targets and annual meeting fiasco in May 2015.

Now this?

“We have received multiple complaints from our membership that they have received unsolicited mail from the National Firearms Association,” Arthur Hamilton, a lawyer for the Conservative Party, said in a letter dated June 5 and shared today on the party’s website. “There is no basis upon which the NFA was entitled to either receive or make use of any information or data of the Party.”

The NFA, whose daily media report regularly links to articles by, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Update 09 June 2017: “At this time, the NFA will not be commenting on any inquiries regarding the recent mailing campaign,” the NFA’s Ginger Fournier said by e-mail on June 09.

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