Gun Lobby Plans ‘Biggest Fight’ in Its History

Canada National Firearms Plans Fight
Logo of Canada’s National Firearms Association.

Canada’s National Firearms Association, the country’s main gun lobby, said it’s planning the biggest fight in its history before a federal election this October.

The group aims to raise $40,000 to revamp its website as part of the plans, the Edmonton-based NFA said today on, which is hosting the fundraiser. The association also is seeking 200,000 signatures on each of two petitions to change gun regulations, the NFA said Dec. 19 on its website.

Firearms owners and enthusiasts as well as civil-rights advocates say Canada’s Firearms Act hurts law-abiding citizens while doing little to prevent crime. The NFA has urged the governing Conservative party to keep a 2002 election-campaign promise by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to repeal the Act, passed under the Liberal Party in 1995.

“In this 2015 election year we will be engaging in the biggest fight the NFA has ever known,” the group, founded in 1978, said today on

The founder and editor of is a member of the National Firearms Association.

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