We Paid $380,600 to Coalition for Gun Control in 2002: Hoplite

Canadians paid $380,600 to the Coalition for Gun Control in 2002 through government funding, according to a report by the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada and published by Hoplite Tactical. Even if it was 15 years ago, it shows how gun owners, shooters and hunters finance those fighting us.

This isn’t just ancient history.

Three weeks ago, the Canadian Paediatric Society, partly funded by us via government grants, used a flawed report in a medical journal to advise health-care providers to “Counsel families that firearms should not be present in homes or environments in which children and adolescents live and play.” Got kids? No guns for you! (Or maybe: Got guns? No kids for you!) It also recommended “Tighter restrictions on semi-automatic (military style) firearms.” Thanks, Doc! Is that any self-loader with a removable box magazine?

The Coalition for Gun Control says it has more than 300 member organizations, many of which are indirectly funded by our taxes. (Its website has been offline intermittently for weeks. I contacted the group today on Twitter to ask why.)

The report by the commissioner of lobbying put the $380,600 under “Funding Received in the Last Financial Year.” Questioned on the payment by a parliamentary committee in 2010, Wendy Cukier, co-founder of the Coalition for Gun Control, said it was for a three-year contract unrelated to advocacy. (Thank you Dennis Young for this context. Young helped track more than $500,000 paid by the government to the coalition.)

I hope groups fighting to promote our interests are also getting our dollars. If you have ideas for funding, or more info on taxpayer-funded anti-gun lobbyists, please tell me.

Read Hoplite Tactical: The profit behind the curtain of gun control.

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