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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 08

Updated daily throughout the week.

Highlights This Week
– Conservative Leadership Update & Analysis
– CSSA Says ‘Do NOT Call’ RCMP to Ask If Your Guns Are Prohibited
– ‘Gun Ban Canada’ Video Documentary Airs By Wild TV, CCFR
– ‘Grave Concern’ More Gun Stores Will Close Over Confiscations
– Invade Canada! Liberal Gun Confiscations Weaken Sovereignty
– Liberals to Win Wide Majority as Conservatives Fall, Polls Show
– Alberta MLAs Continue Debate on Government Motion 20

Airbnb Pledges $300,000 to Group Campaigning Against PAL Holders — Airbnb Inc. just became one of Canada’s top activists against hunters, farmers and sport shooters. The U.S. lodging company pledged $300,000 to Canadian Doctors for Protection From Guns, which lobbies the government to ban guns from the country’s 2.2 million adults with a federal firearm licence. ‘A First Step’ “I view this partnership…

I Am Afraid to Talk to My Doctors About My Struggle: Mark Carew — The following letter was sent by Mark Carew to Doctors for Protection From Guns and their registered lobbyist last month. Carew shared it with this week for publication.   Good Evening, Honourable Doctors, I am a firearms owner and an active target shooter. I own two revolvers that I use for target…