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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 10

– Section 74 Win: Ontario Court to Hear Two More Cases Against RCMP ‘Nullification‘ Tactic
– Saskatchewan Reiterates Opposition to Trudeau’s Crackdowns on Gun Users, Including Bill C-21
– Saskatchewan Says New Provincial CFO to Be In Place by September
– CCFR, CGC Named to Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission
– Pitt Meadows Gun Club in B.C. Gets $20,000 Grant to Replace Trap Machine
– I Took an ATC Requal Taught By the Owner of Burke’s Gun Oil

How Police Review ATCs: Info Commissioner Letter to Dennis Young — The following letter published today by Dennis Young outlines how police in Canada assess applications to carry loaded handguns for personal protection. The Ottawa-based Information Commissioner sent the Nov. 5 letter to Young in response to his complaint about how the RCMP handled his requests for information related to Authorizations To Carry. (See…


One Person in Canada Has Authorization To Carry Guns, RCMP Says — One person in Canada has a so-called “Authorization To Carry” (ATC) loaded guns for personal protection against human attackers, Dennis Young reported today, based on a special filing he obtained from the federal police. That’s one person less than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in October. The Ottawa-based RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program…