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Secrets of Mental Marksmanship: How to Fire Perfect Shots
By Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham

Linda and Keith, who run the Milcun Training Centre in Ontario, have helped countless police, military and sport-shooters save lives and win competitions.

The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Your Riflescope on the Range and in the Field
By Reginald Wales

Reg Wales is a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces and now works as a trainer and technical advisor for Vortex Canada. He is currently preparing the curriculum for Vortex U.S.A.’s shooting school, the Operational Tactical Optics Program, based on his experience training police and military shooters.

Deadly Force – Understanding Your Right To Self Defense
By Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob is a leading authority on the use of firearms for self-defence in the U.S. He analyzes important legal, psychological and tactical considerations involved in the use of lethal force.