My Eight-Stage Journey of Gun-Rights Advocacy


  • Here are some of the mental and emotional milestones I crossed over the past nine years publishing
  • These eight stages are one way to map my journey, but not the only way.
  • My hunch is that a lot of people have gone through similar stages, or are still going through them.

Stage 1: Trust

  • I believe everyone in the “gun debate” is acting in good faith, seeking truth, working for greater security, liberty, empowerment, prosperity, happiness, etc.
  • I do my best to act with respect towards anti-gun activists in politics and media.
  • Despite our differences, I believe we are united in wanting a better society.

Stage 2. Surprise

  • I’m surprised to hear anti-gun activists say their plan to stop attackers is to crack down on me, my family, and our friends.
  • Authoritarian activists want to take away our guns, implying we are the “Bad Guys.”
  • Even top government officials and seasoned journalists  portray gun users as wannabe murderers, a narrative that has nothing to do with my experience in the gun community.

Stage 3. Desire to Educate

  • I believe anti-gun activism stems from a lack of knowledge and education. I can’t believe anyone except a dangerous enemy would want to suppress good citizens and steal our safety and sporting gear, and I don’t view anti-gunners as a dangerous enemy.
  • I believe they simply need more facts and a reality check, so I step in to help.
  • I use my expertise to share data, info, and context via

Stage 4. Confusion and Frustration

  • My efforts lead me to a disturbing discovery: the authoritarian prohibitionists have all the facts and data, and they know their policies would suppress honest people and violate basic principles of justice. They aren’t doing it by accident.
  • They’re deliberately distorting and misrepresenting the facts to push their authoritarian agenda:
    • They make claims based on serious errors of reasoning and logic.
    • They omit relevant details and context.
    • They use highly loaded, targeted, and hostile language.
  • If they are acting in good faith and working to improve society, why the falsehoods, fabrications, and fallacies? Why the unsound, unjust, and dangerous policies?
  • I have another disturbing discovery: Many (not all) gun owners are anti-gun: They vote for prohibitionist politicians and copy their topics and talking points.

Stage 5. Awakening

  • I realize that I was wrong. I was naïve.
  • The anti-gun activists aren’t pushing their messages and policies because they have good intentions and lack understanding.
  • I realize they are a hostile adversary committed to our extinction as gun users. Their tactics are deliberate, strategic, and targeted. They’re running a calculated, consistent, and coordinated campaign.

Stage 6. Guessing at Motivations

  • I research the motivations of anti-gun activists. I want to understand why they do what they do.
  • The best evidence I have suggests a mix of:
    1. Politics/Electioneering: Exploit fear and ignorance to win election.
    2. Ideology: “Guns bad!” “Self-defence bad!” “Personal empowerment bad!”
    3. Hostility: Harass people they view as political adversaries.
  • I don’t have evidence for two other motivations, which some people believe are at work:
  1. Conspiracy: Executing the commands of some master: UN, WEF, China, etc.
  2. Collapse: Desire for social unrest, civil war, mass extinction.

Stage 7: New Resolve

  • I step up my efforts to protect honest citizens from activists working to criminalize us and confiscate our precious belongings.
  • Their actions go way beyond issues related to guns and property. They are fueling hate against good people, destroying trust in political institutions, and undermining peace and social stability.
  • I conclude they are dangerous and we must stop them.

Stage 8. Withdrawal and Renewal

  • I no longer want to play the game of pro-gun vs. anti-gun.
  • I no longer want to play the game of persuading gun owners that our future as gun owners is at risk.
  • I no longer want to play the game of: We get licensed and register our guns, and the prohibitionists confiscate them.
  • If we want to keep our guns and get more, I believe our only real option is to go underground, go grey, go dark.
  • I want to advance my values in relation to gun ownership, such as personal empowerment, liberty, responsibility, good policy, good governance, and joy.


  • This journey isn’t original.
  • This journey isn’t over.
  • The best of is yet to come.