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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 12

– Gun Licences Fell in 2020 for First Time in a Decade on Covid-19
– RCMP Provides 2020 Data on Gun Licences and Registrations
– RCMP Says 132 Gun Owners Now Seeking Section 74 Hearings on ‘Nullifications’
– Blair’s Office Says ‘Significant Elements’ of Bill C-71 to Take Effect This Summer
– Blair’s Office Says No Plans for Home-Alarm System for Gun Owners, Denying CSSA Report

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RCMP Q&A on February 26 ‘Nullification’ Notice to 1,865 More Gun Owners — The RCMP comments below on its 26 February 2021 “nullification” notice to 1,865 more gun owners targeted by its May 2020 regulatory attacks, after a “technical issue” led to them being missed last year.

More than 70,000 people have now been notified.

Read our Q&A with the RCMP.

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RCMP Provides 2020 Data on Gun Licences and Registrations — The RCMP provided the following data at 31 December 2020:

– Number of individuals with a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)
– Number of individuals with at least one gun registered with the RCMP
– Number of firearms registered with the RCMP
– Table of firearm registrations by type of firearm

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 05

– Canada Gun Imports Rose in February to Six-Month High
– Bill C-71: ‘Significant Elements’ to Take Effect This Summer, Blair’s Office Says
– Trudeau Says O’Toole ‘Promised to Make Assault Weapons Legal Again’
– Bill Blair: ‘Everybody in the Extremist Is in the Gun Lobby’
– M.D. Charlton Wins $1 Million Contract to Supply RCMP AR-15 Surefire Lights

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 29

– Most-Viewed Reports in First Quarter 2021
– Section 74: Alberta Judge Allows Hearing to Decide Jurisdiction in 4 Cases
– CACP Supports Criminalizing Owners of Items That Look Like Guns
– Liberals May Allow Provinces to Confiscate Handguns as Parties Oppose Bill C-21

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 22

– Section 74: Alberta Justice Fradsham Says Crawford Hearing Can Proceed
– Some Mayors Against Bill C-21 Are NOT Our Friends
– Toronto Police Data Show Illegal Shootings Doubling Under Tory, Liberals
– Newmarket, Ontario, Mayor Wants National Handgun Confiscation
– RCMP Warns of Possible Ransomware Attack
– Reader Comment: I Will Not Do Business With Any Business That Helps the Government Destroy Our Guns

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 15

– Manitoba Says Bill C-21 ‘Unfairly Targets Legal Firearm Owners’ Names Advisory Group
– CSSA: Liberals to Offer Choice of Gun Destruction, Confiscation or Home Alarm
– CSAAA: Liberals May Be Secretly Setting Up Businesses to Promote Gun Destruction
– Trudeau ‘A Traitor’ Unless Gun Bill Overhauled, Say Families of Polytechnique Victims
– NFA: List of NFA-Endorsed Candidates for Conservative Party National Council

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 08

– When Police Don’t Knock
– Section 74: Procedural Win as Alberta Judge Allows Evidence
– Canadian Military Begins Search for New C22 ‘Modular Pistol and Holster System’
– Liberals Won’t Present Budget Until at Least April
– Personal: 10th Anniversary of Japan Earthquake That Shook Up My Life

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 01

– Trudeau a Decade Ago: Guns Are Part of Canadian Culture and Heritage
– Blair Comments on New Handgun-Safe Rules, Insurance
– Terry Korth Discusses Canada’s Gun Market
– B.C. Proposes New Law Inventing New Gun-Related Penalties
– Most-Viewed Articles at in February 2021
– Shooting Federation of Canada Restarts Recreational Program
– Study: Mental Illness Not a Factor in Most Mass Shootings

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 22

– O’Toole Pledges to Repeal Trudeau’s Attacks Against Gun Owners as PM
– Government Responds to How Bill C-21 Relates to Bill C-22 on Guns
– NFA: They Hate Us
– OFAH: Bill C-21 and Municipal Handgun Prohibitions
– Government Responds to How Bill C-21 Relates to Bill C-22 on Guns

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 15

– Trudeau Files Bill C-21 as New Law to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Ontario and Alberta Oppose Bill C-21
– Trudeau Says Feds Will Help Municipalities Criminalize Handgun Owners
– Self-Defence: Supreme Court Hears Peter Khill Appeal in Fatal Shooting
– Gary Mauser: Confiscating Firearms From Lawful Owners Won’t Stop Violence
– Blair Estimates We Paid $1,300 for Our Guns He Wants to Confiscate
– Edward Burlew Files 2nd Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– CACP Police Lobby Wishes Bill C-21 Ordered National Handgun Confiscation

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 08

– Blair May File New Anti-Gun Law on Feb. 16, House Agenda Shows
– Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– Federal Court Dismisses Injunction Motions to Stop Liberal+RCMP Attacks
– Christine Generoux Comments on Federal Court Dismissal of Injunction
– CZ Agrees to Buy Colt and Colt Canada
– Self-Defence: Police Won’t Charge Officer Who Exited His Car and Shot Knife-Wielding Man to Death
– RCMP Outlines Canadian Firearms Program 2.0 to Improve Online Services

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 01

– Most-Viewed Articles at for January 2021
– Five Reasons to Support Court Actions That Support You
– Why Are Gun Shops Sold Out of Ammo If Nobody Is Shooting? We’re Hoarding.
– Judge Outlines How Section 74 of Firearms Act Is ‘Unique’
– Edward Burlew Hired to Work on Several Section 74 Appeals

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 25

– O’Toole Is Driving Some Gun Owners to Ditch the Conservatives
– – Conservative MP Bob Saroya’s Personal Anti-Gun Bill Is Defeated
– Government Plans New Laws on Gun Storage, Gun Tracing
– CSSA Says Liberals May Prohibit Online Gun Sales
– Accenture Wins $24,973 Contract From RCMP Firearms Program