RCMP Says It Redesigned PAL Cards With New Look and Security

New PAL card, front. Source: RCMP

TheGunBlog.ca — The RCMP said today it redesigned the gun-licence cards for Canada’s 2.2 million government-approved firearm users with a new look and stronger security.

Existing PALs Remain Valid

“Starting January 2023, firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) cards will have a different look, and contain enhanced security features,” the Ottawa-based Royal Canadian Mounted Police said today on its website.

“If you already have a valid PAL card, no action is required on your part at this time; your existing PAL card will remain valid until it expires. New PAL cards will be issued on renewal.”

RCMP Helping With Gun Confiscations

In addition to overseeing the licensing regime, the RCMP is helping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to criminalize PAL holders and confiscate our firearms.

New PAL card, back. Source: RCMP