Liberals to Ban Handgunners in Cities Via Storage: Blair on CTV — The Liberal Party of Canada will help cities ban federally licensed handgun owners unless they keep their guns in government-approved central storage at target ranges, Bill Blair told CTV News yesterday.

Blair, the Liberal minister for firearm confiscation, was speaking on CTV’s Question Period hosted by Evan Solomon.

He was elaborating on plans outlined last week by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal leader and prime minister, if the Liberals win next month’s election.

Trudeau promised mass prohibitions, confiscations or expulsions targeting hundreds of thousands of hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

He didn’t announce any plans to restrict or expel violent individuals or gangs.

On home handgun storage:

“We’re bringing forward very significant new measures for the secure storage of handguns, ‘Restricted’ weapons.

“Right now they don’t have to be secured in anything but a locked container.

“Under these new regulations, it’ll be required that they be stored in a safe or a vault.”


On helping cities ban home handgun ownership:

“What we’re saying is: we’re working with cities, and cities may have additional risks and vulnerabilities and concerns that can be addressed by also defining where those firearms can be stored, and perhaps stored centrally at a range, which is the only place they can be legally used.”