Edward Burlew: Liberal Plan Helps Hoodlums Keep Assault Rifles

TheGunBlog.ca — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, comments below on the Liberal Party of Canada’s election plan to force hundreds of thousands of hunters, farmers and sport shooters to surrender their firearms.

The Liberals said yesterday they will criminalize the federally licensed owners of certain hunting and sporting rifles for which they invented the term of “military-style assault rifles.”

Trudeau Promises Mass Gun Bans, Confiscations in Election 2019

New purchases of automatic rifles have been banned in Canada for decades.

Anyone who buys, sells or owns any gun legally in Canada agrees to severe restrictions. The slightest violation leads to jail.

Burlew e-mailed the comment to TheGunBlog.ca today.


Comment By Edward Burlew

This Liberal plan is designed to allow the hoodlums who illegally own assault rifles to keep them. They have no incentive to turn them in.

This is clearly a civilian disarmament confiscation.

If the Liberals were serious about eliminating illegally owned assault rifles, they would have included them with an anonymous method of handing them in for money.

For instance, as a lawyer I can receive such an illegally owned firearm and call the police to come take it, and I cannot be forced to tell the police or a court who gave it to me for turning in.

If that were included or even substituted, then this would bring in some of the illegally owned assault rifles. Especially if the compensation were in the range of $1,000.